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Ivory B. Philosophy

Promoting high end African art craft is important for ivory B. That’s why each pieces are featuring authentic Mudcloth from Mali. Ivory B. made the choice to produce the bags of the brands in Morroco to join knowledge and quality of the leather to the authentic African mudcloth fabric   


The multicultural woman on the go. Multilayered stories. Interwoven background. “It’s complicated”. Ivory B. founder is the embodiment of the complicated story and stopped trying to oversimplify it for impatient acquaintences who didn’t care about all the circumstances and multiple intersecting storylines that comprose who she is. So this brand is for you who are the essence of the multilayered story. You live in two countries at once. You’re balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. You’re an immigrant learning a new language while exploring your passion. You’re multilingual and multiracial. You work multiple jobs. Or any of the above combined.   

About the Manding Collection

Priscilla B. elegantly highlights Bògòlanfini or Bogolan fabric also known as “Mudcloth” in her premiere IVORY B. collection, The MANDING Collection. The collection is made of mudcloth and other materials like leather and cotton to exude a modern African sophistication. The MANDING Collection is named after the Manding or Mandingo Tribe, direct descendants of the Malian Empire of Mali, West Africa. The Manding people live primarily in Mali, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Guinea and other West African countries and are known for their beautiful tradition of designing Bògòlanfini or Bogolan fabric. Bogolanfini is a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed using a process of fermented mud that dates back to the 12th century. In the Bambara language, the word Bògòlanfini is a composition of three words; Bogo, meaning “earth” or “mud,” Lan, meaning “with” and Fini, meaning “cloth.” The word directly translates as “Earth or Mud With Cloth” hence the fabric’s more common name, “Mud Cloth.” The MANDING Collection consists of four uniquely designed handbags of varying sizes from the Zoblazo bag, a dainty clutch purse, to the Bamako bag, a swank overnight bag.

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