Mudcloth and Leather two durable fabrics making lifetime product


I started about 2 years ago and had some remarks regarding the pricing, sometime adding for “african products”.  Some who doesn’t know about Mudcloth are wondering why is it so expensive. But other that know about Mudcloth fabric found that it is a great quality/price compromise: 

* The durability of that, handwoven cotton,
* The time of the process dyed with mud as the name (Mudcloth) speaks for itself. 
*The color made out of Natural component: You’ll find black brown and yellowish color on Mudcloth fabrics. Those natural earth tons come from is due to the material use to dye it: 
Mud for the black part | Limon for the yellowish Wax for the white parts A piece for Mudcloth take several weeks to be done from the handwoven process to then the final earth-tons. 

Mudcloth colors are so classy and goes easily with everything.

If you ever met me, I was probably dressed in black (for most of the year) white in summer and sometime I go crazy and wear either grey or colors. I just that I like wearing black and feel it’s classy, easy to wear with whatever style. When I am dressed all in black then I can add one color to break. But don’t be fooled the color added is just to break the main outfit that is black. Indeed I have a red coat, a beige one and a grey one but under most often I’ll be in black.

That’s why I like Mudcloth because one of the dominant color is black. So I found it easy to wear on a day to day basis. Either in winter, but also in summer (mixte with other color to pop in)


A few years ago I was I jumped in a plane to Ivory Coast, and when curating fabric for my then clothing product line I saw 2 Mudcloth bags, after I hesitated a looong time between both, what made me decided was the fact that one had a mask on sewed on and the other one had what I know then as the Baoulé sign (a Tribe in Ivory Coast, ...my mother is yes from Ivory Coast but not Baoulé, Bété) so I didn’t choose between the 2 bags, I more eliminated one (the one with the mask on) because, as a Gabonese masks is something very serious and we don’t carry a mask or put some on our wall in hasard, so I could not purchase something with the mask due my Gabonese culture.


As you may know the countries border in Africa were made during the colonisation, and sometime 2 différents countries such as Gabon and Cameroun can have the same tribe, the same culture. Like in west Africa the same tribe/culture or similitude at least can be found in different countries. So what I knew then as the “Baoulé sign” had another name such as Gyniamé, what means God will! So when month later I decided to do bags for other reasons and I see again that sign on a Mudcloth fabric, I knew, or it confirmed me that it what I was supposed to do!

A piece for Mudcloth take several weeks to be done, From the Handwoving process to the Adinkra Designs.

Lisa John

Strip Handwoving Step

Credit BluesyPete

Jane Doe

Natural Dying Step

Credit ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative

Cartherin Forres

Adinkra Design Step

Credit unknown

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