Your black friends are exhausted

Your black friends are exhausted


We were raised to believe that we would graduate and work our way into being treated like first class citizens. That our degrees and hard work would place us on an equal playing field and
afford us, at minimum, human decency.
A seat at the table? Mutual respect? A conversation
The benefit of the doubt?

We were raised to believe that our contributions to society would afford us people in our home and that that home would be treated, if not as sacred space, at least as property worthy of knock on the door.
Raised to believe that our necks would not be resting places for bigots.
Raised to believe that we can safely choose to use our athletic gifts either for your entertainment, or for a simple afternoon run.
Raised to believe that we could walk tall and at least enjoy the birds after years bending over
backyards to attain a dream, that, again, while not designed with us mind, could at least make room for our visions.

For those of you who can’t really feel this because you’re not black in America, trust me when I tell you that being raised to believe that you can achieve equal footing in a system that depends on your subjugation is the recipe for a lifetime of exhaustion.

On behalf of all your black friends, we are exhausted.
Thanks to Yodi Tewolde for sharing Isata Yansaneh thoughts that I deeply feel
Espacially as black family working on our own, especially those days during covid-19 situation for our kids educations.
This is not ok.

Here is something to help those who don't get it... Because some still didn't...


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