Ivory B. and Mudcloth, a traditional fabric from West Africa

Village de Songo - Mudcloth Process

Mudcloth (also called Bogolanfini) is a fabric from West Africa, more precisely in Mali.  Mudcloth is Handwoven cotton dyed, as the name says, with Mud!

The Manding Tribe (tribe in west Africa mainly known in Mali, speaking Bambara) fabrication process of Mudcloth is the famous in the world. Thus it is to honor that tribe that can be found in Mali but also in North East of Ivory Coast, in Senegal, and in Ghana that the very first Collection of Ivory B was named “The Manding Collection”, and you will also often find some names of the products or collection, such as the “Fitini line” using refering to Bambara language (language spoken by the Manding)

Here on the picture above is a man making the strips of Mudcloth. Cotton fabric are handwoven by men, then those narrow strips of about 15 centimeter, are then stitched into one piece of clothe. They are have 2 different size of Mudcloth piece, either 3 feet wide and 5 feet long or the double, adding about the same quantity of strips.



Once the piece of handwoven cotton stripes are put together.
  • The clothe will be soaked in N'gallama tree leaves,
  • That will give the piece of cloth a yellowish hue color
  • The Mudcloth then sun-dry. 
  • Finally it will be painted several time with wooden to design the (Adinkra) signs 



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