Black Owned Businesses Near Me

VALLNEZ MOZELL: the Sustainable Black Owned Brand

Ivory B. and VALLNEZ MOZELL were both vendors at Artist & Flea's when they "finally" met. Introduced by a friend and customer of VALLNEZ MOZELL, Indeed Priscilla complimented her earrings once and was excited to see that the artist what following Ivory B. on Social media, so Priscilla was really glad to have the opportunity to check out Val’s booth and was impressed with how VALLNEZZ MOZELL uses Mudcloth for accessories. VALLNEZ MOZELL is a Black-Owned business in New York, that is determined to a low/zero waste tolerance. Meaning, all products listed were once discarded fabrics, recycled textiles, and non-toxic materials. VALLNEZ MOZELL is reusing all resources that are made available to them. Thereby, VALLNEZ MOZELL is fighting climate change and making use of unused materials, instead of throwing out valuable waste. VALLNEZ MOZELL also has an Upcycle Program, where the brand takes responsibility for their Espadrilles lifecycle. Once your Espadrilles have been worn out, you can send them back. In exchange, you’ll receive 20% off your next pair of espadrilles for saving unneeded waste. VALLNEZ MOZELL is a Black-Owned business near me that provides sustainable face masks, home décor, espadrilles, and sustainable accessories.  Each item is one-of-a-kind and made of recycled fabrics or authentic Mudcloth. So, when you buy and support VALLNEZ MOZELL, not only are you making a guilt-free purchase. You’re also supporting a small Black-Owned business. VALLNEZ MOZELLS overall goal is to encourage individuals to shop sustainably, donate, recycle and reuse.


SHEAWA: a Family Skinccare Business



Another personal favorite Black-Owned business, near me, is SHEAWA. Sheawa Bath & Body Patisserie is a family business based in New York, USA. The Husband Moe presented the Sheawa market at Artist and Fleas while his wife was doing another market in Manhattan. The couple was very welcoming to the IvoryB founder and shared tips about the markets they both tend to. The first product the IvoryB founder bought from Sheawa was their “Shower Oil.” At first, she bought it just to support a local  Black-Owned business. After trying the product, she fell in love with the result. The IvoryB owner felt a difference after using Sheawa’s “Shower Oil.” Her skin was softer and was shining. Soon after being introduced with the first product, the IvoryB founder bought Sheawa’s “Face Serum” and was just as impressed. The IvoryB founder now owns the whole collection. Before Sheawa, the IvoryB founder was not interested in skincare but now she can't see herself not using Sheawa’s products. Sheawa’s main focus is the quality and craftsmanship of producing a more reliable skincare line, that the entire family can appreciate.



BBBombs: For a Flawless skin



The owner bbBombs ran into the IvoryB founder at an Uptown Underground Market in Harlem. At first glance, Angela was glowing, and her skin looked flawless without foundation on it. The bbBomb owner recommended the IvoryB owner the Turmeric scrub and she was astonished by the smooth sensation it left on her skin. The IvoryB owner never showed interest in scrubs but after she was impressed with the result. BBBombs sell all-natural products. Consisting of, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, botanical oils, and other skin essentials as well. If you're interested in supporting an NYC local Black-Owned organic business. Check out Angela’s brand BBBomb, you won't be let down.



BBBomb Black Business Near Me


Does it Even Matter: Where the Quality and Awareness Meet

Does it Even Matter is a Black-Owned Business near me that sells T-Shirts, Hoodies, Facemasks, Tote bags, and other accessories. The T-shirts and hoodies that “Does it Even Matter”  produces is not the average quality you are used to. To show support to a local Black-Owned business, the IvoryB founder's husband purchased a T-shirt. The couple both loved how reliable the durability, quality, and vibe of the t-shirt. Eventually, when the IvoryB couple had the budget, they proceeded to buy two sweaters that they still wear and admire to this day. The couple finds comfort, in the durability Does it Even Matter’s clothing provides and are not the only ones impressed. The couple witnessed, that the clothes on the online shop sell out fast. So, if you find something you like don’t hesitate to purchase it like the IvoryB founder did and later found herself regretting it. We love to see Black businesses thriving!

DIEM Black Business Near Me


Kiriiah the Multitalented Artist/Jewerly

Kirii’ah Mekongo is the owner of “Kulture Boutik.” In addition to making African-inspired handcrafted jewelry. Kiraii’ah is a painter, photographer, storyteller, singer, fashion designer, jewelry maker, and creative entrepreneur. The owner of IvoryB was fortunate to share a booth with her at the Brooklyn pop-up via Mocada Museum. An African museum in Brooklyn. The Kulture Boutik owner taught me about Brass material, its benefits and she was amazing to talk to and get to know.

On the “Kulture Boutik” online shop, you will find bags/purses, headwraps, paintings/greeting cards, home décor, clothing, hand-painted shoes/sneakers, handcrafted jewelry, and Okoba cosmetics. Okoba cosmetics is hand-made skincare. Featuring Unrefined Oils, Pure Natural Soaps. Body Creams and body butter. Kulture Boutik is a business near me, that deserves genuine support. The owner is wholesome along with her brand, products, and art.

Kulture Boutik The Black Artist Near Me



Brooklyn Tea: the Tea Room With the Atmosphere and Professionalism you Deserve

If you love tea and supporting local Black-Owned businesses, Brooklyn Tea has a shop in Brooklyn and an online store as-well. The IvoryB founder had customers who referred Brooklyn Tea to her. When she found the occasion to visit, the IvoryB founder took a friend and visited the shop here in Brooklyn.

Her first impression was the atmosphere. It was a safe space with a minimalist style. Brooklyn Tea is owned by a professional couple, that simply rock. Alley shared her knowledge of tea with the IvoryB founder and recommended teas personally for her.

At the shop, you can purchase a variety of loose leaf teas. They are well known for their delicious lattes, are very COVID friendly, and doing everything they can to ensure that your experience at the shop.



Brooklyn Tea Black Business Near Ivory B.


Branch Patty the delicious free of GMO’s Patty

Branch Patty was created and is inspired by Brooklyn and Caribbean cultures. Branch Patty is a family-owned Black Business near me that is handcrafted and sustainable. The couple has two adorable well-behaved daughters and it was beautiful to meet them while IvoryB was doing a pop-up at Artist and Fleas. We got to test out their mouth-watering Jamaican-styled patties for ourselves and we have been a returning customer ever since. All of Branch Patty patties are handmade and free of GMO’s and artificial flavoring. Promising their customers Sustainable, Organic food for the soul. Branch Patty makes sure that the food they source from are committed to the same philosophy and values as they are.

Branch Patty



Chimene the Teastained writer

Chimene is the founder of Vagabroad Journals. Vagabroad is a Black-Owned stationery brand— I’m so happy I found it. A few years ago the owner of IvoryB met Chimene, and her first impression was that Chimene has an old soul, full knowledge that could be overwhelming for some people.  

But the IvoryB founder was intrigued by her spirit and moved with her writings and art.

Creating journals for teastained women (a term of endearment for Black and Indigenous women), she  hand-constructs, paints on the covers of the journals, and teastains their pages—a process that averages a week per journal. On December 12, 2020, the creator of Vagabroad Journals published her booklet/zine “Towards Historicizing”, an assemblage of essays and poems to encourage teastained women to make a departure from merely “journaling” and to use their journaling as a way of keeping their histories. The “bookletine” as its affectionatly known, emerged from ideas gathered over Chimene’s 15 years of being a diarist and 7 years of making journals for Black and Indigenous women.


Martines Dream to Live and Love Life in Color
Last but far from least, Martines Dream owned by Debbie is a store in Crown Heights and Debbie is one of the most wonderful souls you could meet in this lifetime, she is just is so full of love and has a heartwarming spirit. The IvoryB couple met Debbie through Airbnb. The couple came to the United States from France for an anticipated JayZ concert. Thus they rented her place in Brooklyn and were more than comfortable, she made Brooklyn Home. The couple fell in love with Brooklyn and Martine's Dream owner is part of the reason the Ivory B. couple is happily living here in Brooklyn today.

In addition to being a wonderful person, she has a wonderfully gorgeous line. Before COVID the IvoryB owner would sturt the streets of Brooklyn in Martines Dreams dresses. Every time she was seen out, the owner would get drowned in compliments. Specifically of Debbies dresses and she was more than happy, to promote the brand and tell the location of the local brand. Martines Dream has different articles of clothing to choose from and have some unisex options as well. Such as Kimonos, Dresses and, Jumpsuits. Each item is made to last and is a unique conversation starter.  

Martine's Dream Black Business Near Me

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