Closing up black history month. I am thinking of what does that mean to be black. What does that mean to be black in the America?

Because something I definitely know is being black in USA is not the same of being black elsewhere.

I know overseas when we say someone is black, we talk about their skin color. Then, of course there are light skin and dark skin (that’s the subject of another post) and mixed people of course.... while here they don't use much the mixed term.

I remember when I saw for the very first time after hearing for weeks about a black candidate running for the White house. Then I saw Barack Obama... 🤔 I was like, euh... actually he's mixed (even though seeing the whole family that was definitely a black family!)

The thing also here, is people looking like mixed would just say that they are black. Not insisting, knowing the history of this country I knew that their ancestors may have endured slavery and rape that could come with. Adding to that the Jim Crow laws saying that any person with one drop of black blood is black... That is understandable 🤷🏾‍♀️.

All that make that whatever the complexion here, they are all black from Megan Markle kind of black to Seal kind of black, We are all black!

In America being black, because of the history, because of was endured by this community, because of the strength of the black people, being black is a whole movement in a positive aspect, more than a color Being black is a whole Culture! 

...even nowadays, here in America being black... « this shit can be dangerous, but I love it » 😉

Happy black history month!


Come celebrate and show love on:

 Saturday 29th  
From 2 to 8pm:
The Woodland
60 Woodland Road
Maplewood, NJ 07040

*Pic: Door if no return Goree Island Senegal

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