An ordinary Black Couple or How It All Started

When people are seeing hubby and I, most of the time, they couln’t guess how long that black couple have been together. They can’t guess how we grew up together. I would lie to you if I was telling you we’ve it was love at first sight. No I’m far from the romantic kind. Quite to savage for that lol. Don’t get it twisted, all black couples are not the same, let me tell you our story …or my side :P


A few year ago (20 years ago in one month to be precise) after a friend insisted for me to meet her friend and told me about him, or when we saw him etc ( knowing that I don’t have face memory), one day after we were coming back from photoshoot and walking rehearsal (I was modeling at this time, thus I like the fact that I have picture of the precise day of when Stephane and I met. …yes early 2000 we didn’t had Iphone to immortalize every moments of our life). So My friend Christiane and I  were in her neighbohood and she needed to drop her bag at her place, or something, so waiting for her…  she aked me to call her neighbor to join us to hangout. Being the kind “the friends of my friends are my friends” so why not.


Oh before going further I have to tell you that I was totally not the person that I am now 20 years later (yes it always make me laugh so hard to hear that I am so proper or calm or something like that lol).

I mean I grew up in the hood (yes there are hoods in France) and in the hood there are some kind of non-written codes if I may say. Such as, I don’t know you so I won’t smile or open up unless I’m with my people, you know that. Especially as a girl, around men, there was simply no point of have them seeing me smile for northing and get some stupid twisted ideas. Ye! that how it was, at least for me, thankfully I know how to smile now but still with a hood mind.



When love ring at your door (Literally!)

When Christiane ask me to call her friend, I was ok because it was her friend, but when I rang downstair to tell him to join, can you image tthat this guy instead of answering at the door he ask from the window who it is… lol I was the friend of my friend but still (he was not seeing me  so he asked the kids outside (yes there was always kids outside in their block playing or doing kids stuff). So I’m like “men I’m already ringing at the door sooo…” but once again as the friend of my friend I was like “ok lets be nice and don’t play savage, so I showed my head and said “Hi” so he finally came downstair and the rest is history lol…


From Friend to potential lover

When Stephane came, we were chitchatting as longtime friends. Yes I met him once or twice already but we didn’t discussed much just like “Hi”. So waiting for Christiane we were laughing chitchatting openly but not seriously until he asks me why I was not dating anyone. Me still discussing like with one of my girlfriend I answer jocking“because nobody want me” …Oh damn, that was an open door for him and I realized that as soon as I finish my sentence ( what is funny is to have Stephane version of my reaction at this precise time lol). Indeed, I just wanted to take it back but it was already too late and of course his answer was: “Me I want you”. To that I laughed hard ( While I was insulting myself in my head) and just told him that he don’t! That he don’t want me because could not handle it.Ivory B. Black Couple


Give a chance to the nice guy

Yes when I told him he don’t want to be with me. What I meant was, he was too nice for me, he was not really the type guy I used to be with. So I even told him he won’t last 2 weeks with me.

Because for me knowing myself, my temper and my strong personality I was like …what would I do with a guy so nice, The kind of Nice was not even smelling suspect. So for some reason I decided to give him 2 weeks… and til this days the 2 longest but also worth living weeks of my life.


Learn to know each other’s but leave eachothers space to breath as well

The beginning of our relation was like the ponytail girl and the gorilla glue.

As we say in Ivory Coast, it was his feet my feet. But was I would say natural way without feeling forced or something He was taking everywhere every day.

Being someone whom used to be hangout with my girlfriends, our relationship didn’t stop me to see my girls, to do my study, travel with or without him or else. So with my girls we were hanging out with sometimes as couple as well or he was just taking to where I was meeting with them. I know that some once in a relationship will be entirely in it and can forget themselves in that relationship ( often to then regret it) and you’ll see them only when something goes wrong with their half.


Black Couple in Brooklyn


While as a free spirit that I was, Stephane always knew that he cannot ask me for a place before my babysister (with who I was and still am very close to) or anyone else in my family of course neither my friends. Otherwise he was always around every day and everywhere.

Even when I was doing my hair at my cousin’s place …meaning he saw my hair not being done! You know what I mean breads out! He saw me crying when I lost friends he saw me laughing as much that I could be kicked out of the train right, you know when we laugh. Oh I almost forgot he saw also saw me on the verge of nervous breakdown, all that before moving together. So I think that contrary to a friend who tried to warn me, when Stephane and I moved together it was really just the continuation of our relationship and even more simple because no matter at a certain time we’ll meet to our shared place.


God our best support

When we met, neither Stephane or I were baptized, but some stuff happens in life and you just cannot deny the Presence of the Almighty. We after a few years together I asked stephane if he would be willing to be baptized, what at my biggest surprise he accepts. Thus, we did our path to God together and got baptize together.

I think that, actually, I know that God was and still is stronger than the Gorilla glue for us, because no matter what, I may be a free mind or called the who’s not afraid by anything but Yes our fear from God, our respect for God and Love for God is stronger than anything, after all, isn’t God who got me this man with I am fully leaving my best live.

This man who is the peacekeeper of the sometime to energic soul that I am.

I can only be thankful for this man.



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