IVORY B. is a conscious bags and accessories company on a mission to highlight all over the world the beauty and capability of women and same as the continent through its different fabric rich by their culture, history and production. 

IVORY B. also aim to highlight all the women that carrying it all no matter what, as mum, spouse or single parent, women whom decide to carry it with beauty, carrying all their background in a beautiful handbag.

For each item sold IB donates $1 to families in Ivory Coast.

About Founder & CEO Priscilla A. BROU:

“It’s #howyoucarryit”...

Born in Gabon (Africa), Priscilla grew up in an Ivorian-Gabonese household with an Ivorian mother from Ivory Coast. The family lived in the multicultural city of Paris (Sarcelles) where she also met her husband StephaneBrou, whose family happened to also be from Ivory Coast. The couple later moved to the 17th Arrondissement of Paris and got married. In 2014, Priscilla gave birth to their beautiful little boy, Joachim, and one month later the family moved from Paris to settle in Brooklyn, NY.


With her classic African European style, Priscilla B. was inspired by the impression her friends, associates and co-workers had of her unique upbringing and fashion sense. She was moved to showcase her culture as only she could, through the eyes of an African who grew up in Europe. She started out designing a clothing line that featured traditional West African Ankara fabrics but later decided that handbag design was where she could really express her eclectic life experience and create bags that line herself would be from here and there and traveling the world.