Legacy: #Howyoucarryit

I have frequent moments where it hits me why and for whom I am doing all of this.

Between working my 9-5 and grinding as an entrepreneur (yes I do both—in 2 languages) there are daily moments where I catch a glimpse of myself— in a tall building’s reflection in the bathroom mirror before I dash out to get dressed orsomewhere on 51st Street on my way to work. It’s a moment of clarity in the middle of the crazy where I remember why I’m doing all of this. I remember that one day all of this work will be worth it for my family—for my son to have memories of a mother who worked and lead and lived and loved and went HARD to give him better than what she had.  Or for my friends to see their support was not in vain. I remember that, as wild as life is right now, all I am doing is going to pay off. And that brief moment of catching the sight of myself hits me, filling me with hope and energy to keep going. It’s like “You go girl!  You’re on a mission and you’re making things happen and your son and others will have you for an example! 

How many of us have these moments where we get to take inventory of what’s driving us? We hustling women entrepreneurs with big dreams and big hearts are always considering the big picture that will be the result of our hard work, which is legacy. Legacy looks different for each of us but it’s the one thing that will stop women-on-the-go dead in our tracks to check in, be inspired, and be reminded of what matters and what/who we’re in this for. Those moments are designed to slow us down so we can go nonstop. They aren’t times to ideate how we want the next round of product to be designed or the content we want to publish—they’re about how we want to be remembered. 

Hustle and bustle is not the lifestyle; but legacy-building is. Hustle and bustle get things done but there’s love that holds it all together. Legacy is both our fuel to keep going and the brakes that make us stop. It’s the secret to #howyoucarryit. 


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